Thursday, February 14, 2008

"i killed Jay"

..said my nephew for the first time this saturday gone. Making me the happiest uncle alive!(although i lost the sword fight)
And my sister is happy that I'm becoming her brother, although she told me she was angry when she first found out.
i guess time and patience is what it takes, and so far it's paid off.
i'm finishing work on tuesday 19th, with a meeting of "TfL vs. A Developer", my role being to make sure surrounding bus journey times and reliability will be minimally affected. I've developed a fetish for intelligence. Work have been ok with me leaving, spun a bit of a white lie as to the reasons, but i have my future to think about!

TransActive goes live towards the end of the summer and i need to be in a position to be fund it. (that's my transgender and queer gym - popping up in the south east of london, exact place yet to be determined)

i'll leave work at 4pm and meet my bro, quick change of clothes and get on that plane - destination Rio de Janeiro. I can't wait!